Useful tips for the job hunters 15 Aug 2016

Here are a few tips if you have family members looking for a job:

Write the CV to make it easy for the employer to read.

Provide an index.

Start with a summary, which can be read in a flash.

Provide supporting details for each point made in the summary, so the reader can quickly flick to the right place to read the detail.

Put the most important points first.

Sell yourself by explaining the benefits to the employer of choosing you.

Leave out anything unlikely to interest the employer.

Find out the problem the employer really wants to solve and then explain, in your CV, why you’re the only person who could do the job. Maybe some well-chosen questions to the receptionist or HR department beforehand could help you form an accurate picture.

Sending references will usually help to sell you to the company. Choose references which confirm your suitability to do the work.

Bone up on the employer before the interview. The internet is a good start. The more you can find out about the interviewer and the company the better, as your knowledge of the business indicates an enthusiasm for the job.

The website is worth visiting.

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