Getting a good paint job 15 Aug 2016

Jim took the lowest quote to paint his new house, but the paint started to peel within three years.

All the paint had to be removed and the job redone at a cost of $25,000. The original contractors, meantime, had gone out of business.

Master Painters NZ is offering, for a small premium, a guarantee, which would overcome this type of risk. Of course, you must choose a registered master painter.

Go to and you'll find a pretty good five-year workmanship guarantee. There are some conditions. You need to understand these. However, two important benefits are:

· the contract is transferable to a new owner;

· if the contractor stops trading, the workmanship is still covered.

If you’re a painter, you might be able to capitalise on this. You could register as a master painter, build the premium into the price and then say: “For your protection the quote will include a guarantee from Master Painters NZ.…”

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