Soggy newspapers 15 Aug 2016


Do you get rain drenched newspapers delivered to your home?  Ken from Wellington noticed some time ago newspapers were delivered with a double wrapping. 


However, as winter came on and the rain came down the newspapers were being delivered with only one outside skin.  He rang the Dominion Post and complained about his soggy newspapers.  He was asked if he would like his newspapers delivered double wrapped.  Sure enough, within a couple of days the papers arrived with an extra skin on the outside. This lasted for 2 days and the second outer was again forgotten. He persisted and contacted the newspaper again. A very sympathetic staff member undertook to get in touch with the delivery contractor and put the matter right.


If you’d prefer to have a dry newspaper, persevere and you’ll probably be rewarded.


Newspapers can be a tax deductible cost, if you use them regularly to help you derive your business income.


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