BRIEFLY 18 Feb 2016

The story of a smart typist

I work from home,” said Mary-Jane when spoken to.

“I'm a typist and my clients are all in England. While they sleep I do the typing for them. When they've had their breakfast, it's all ready. What’s more, they pay me in sterling at the same rate as the Poms get!”

Another New Zealander, who lived in Wales, had a job proof-reading from home. He moved to Hong Kong, but it was six months before his clients knew he had moved. It made no difference to them because the job still got done.

Mary-Jane lives in a small provincial town, but she could be living anywhere.

We think you will agree she demonstrates what lateral thinking can achieve.


Trustees and Inland Revenue

Inland Revenue will hold a trustee personally responsible for all taxes until it has been notified he/she has resigned. Therefore, if you resign, make sure Inland Revenue knows, and keep evidence of this.


Got a bad debt looming?

Be quick and be persistent applies particularly to debt collection.

If you're offered a cheque and you don’t like to suggest it might bounce, see if you can get two cheques for half each. Your debtor might have the funds to let $500 through but not $1000.

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