Be different to get noticed 09 Nov 2015

Soon after Donald Trump started his campaign to become the Republican candidate for the White House, he went straight to the top of the polls. Why? Because he was different.

He planned to build a wall to stop the Mexicans getting into the United States. He announced he was going to stop big  American corporations from transferring their profits to tax havens. He responded with a sexist comment to a reporter which went viral.

Whether or not he's successful, he provides us with a good example of the importance of being different.

Remember Suzanne Paul? She sold her share in her business for $7 million! She was successful because she was different.

See if you can think of a way to be noticed and therefore remembered.

Incidentally, Mr Trump made his fortune by supplying something people wanted (NOT needed). He catered for those who wanted to be in classy buildings. He says you should start by getting your product right.

Can you find something special in your line of business? (See also ‘Specialise for success’.)

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