Google that flight 09 Nov 2015

Time is money, and if you're spending too much time at the airport waiting for a delayed flight, you might not be as productive as you should be.

Fortunately, Google has come to the rescue. In one simple step on your computer or smartphone, simply type a flight number into Google and “bingo”, it will tell you when the flight is due to leave or arrive.

For flights in, it saves time either phoning the airport or airline, or looking it up on their website. If you've left someone at the airport to board a flight out and find the flight's delayed, you might want to return and have that coffee you promised but thought you didn't have time.

The example shown above is for a Singapore Airlines flight, SQ4415, coming in to Wellington from Auckland. It clearly shows in graphical form how much of the total journey it has covered, and tells you it's delayed by 16 minutes and arriving in 39 minutes. It even shows the gate number.

It works for both domestic and international flights. It's so simple. Give it a try!

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