Avoid miscommunications 09 Nov 2015

There are many ways in which you can communicate your thoughts to another person. Talking is only part of it.

Some means of communication are more effective than others in certain circumstances. For example, never try to use the phone if you need to negotiate. The phone is no match for meeting a person face-to-face.

Recently, we heard of a distraught 11-year-old girl who was talking to her mother.

“My two best friends are having a terrible fight on Facebook,” she said.

The two friends had been sending texts to each other. Due to misunderstanding each other’s comments, they had fallen out.

Why? Because they were each getting only half of the picture.

When you are face-to-face, you communicate with your body as well as your voice.  Your smile, your hand movements and your eyes all add emphasis. They can also communicate integrity and honesty – and lying.

The girl's mother said sagely: “Leave it until Monday and when they meet, no doubt they will sort out their misunderstanding.”

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