It’s your mistakes that count 09 Nov 2015

A couple of months ago Tony Abbott lost his job as Prime Minister of Australia. As we all know he made a number of mistakes and it cost him his job.

The rule about mistakes is universal. It applies not only to politics and sport but also business. That is, if you give your customers exemplary service they will love you for it. But make a few mistakes and they will remember these most of all.

That's why staff training is so important. If a member of your team has the wrong attitude to your clients or customers, he/she will harm your business. As Alan Martin of L.V. Martin used to say in the company’s TV advertisements: “It’s the putting right that counts.”

How you handle a mistake is all important. Make sure the customer is delighted with the outcome, even if it hurts you. Delighted customers tell their friends of their great experience. Your mistake could easily lead to getting a new customer.

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