Check router for data blowout problems 17 Aug 2015

A blowout in your consumption of uploading and downloading data on the internet could be because of several factors.

If you don't usually send or receive large quantities of data, consider checking the router.

One small businessman upgraded to ultra-fast broadband in October last year and while he was on holiday the following May there was a sudden surge in his uploading. Since he was not using the computer, this was a little odd.

A tech checked everything before blaming the supplier. Eventually, he connected the computer directly to the cable modem and shut down the router. The uploading problem immediately vanished.

It appears the quality of the router supplied was highly suspect. The broadband supplier agreed to replace it. But in the meantime, a lot of money had been spent on sorting out the problem. 

It was unrealistic to claim this back from the broadband supplier, who caused the problem, for some fairly obvious reasons. A month after starting to use the new router, usage has dwindled.

Our recommendation

If you strike this problem,try and isolate it to one device. Your router might be faulty and that's your internet service provider’s responsibility. It's all too easy for large ISPs to supply cheap, poor quality routers. You pay. They don’t. A review of the last six months usage in our example showed the fault had been there probably from the beginning.

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