Take notes as evidence 14 May 2015

Occasionally you'll encounter a conflict, which you'll usually try to resolve on the telephone.

Sometimes you'll succeed.

Recently a traveller took out a travel insurance policy for a year. Towards the end of the year he was heading overseas on his last business trip which would be covered under this policy. As a precaution, he told the insurance company something that had arisen recently, that he thought they should know. When he talked to the claims department he was told that if any illness resulted while overseas it would not be covered.

Since he was travelling via the United States, you can imagine this was alarming. After a stressful three or four hours he managed to contact a more senior person in the firm who acknowledged the first claims manager was wrong. The traveller asked for confirmation by email and when he hung up he took detailed notes of the conversation.

Our message is clear. When you have conflict such as this, write notes immediately of what was said. They form excellent evidence if you ever have to take the matter to court or if there's further argument. Be sure to make a note of the date and time you wrote the notes.

These days, all you need to do is make a note on your smart phone or send yourself an email which will have the date and time on it – excellent evidence!

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