Good systems breed success 14 May 2015

Success in business has a lot to do with systems. Get your systems right and your work will flow better. Your systems will save you time and costs.

Here’s some useful tips for good systems:

Start each day by planning what you’re going to do and the order in which you are going to do it. You’ll get interruptions and you may not finish the work. Put the most important work first so the remainder can be safely held over until the next day. Don’t confuse urgent with important. Organising your golf for next Sunday might be urgent but it might not be important for your business. Make it wait until after work.

Use checklists. Whenever you have repeating work, develop checklists so you don’t overlook anything. If you’ve made a mistake in a costing, for example, change your checklist so it never happens again.

Keep a notebook. Any ideas you get should be written down immediately. If you leave this till later you’re sure to forget that good idea.

When you’re organising papers to take to your accountant, get a system to make the job easy. For example, if you receive dividends and interest, have a folder or some place where you always put the details of each amount when you receive it.

Systems apply just as much to selling. Some situations call for scripting exactly what your staff member is to say when selling.

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