Seven tips for email senders 31 Oct 2014

Here are seven tips which will help email readability.

1. Keep emails concise. Think about the message you want to convey, and do it in as few words as possible. Long emails don't get read.

2. Draw attention with the subject line. Like a headline in a newspaper it should entice the reader to look for more details.

3. Avoid attachments – they should only be what someone requests. Never try to convey a message with an attachment. Opening an attachment is an extra step readers are unlikely to take. Say what you want to say in the body of the email.

4. Check the text. Proof read before you hit the send button. Spelling mistakes and 'text-speak' are unprofessional.

5. Double-check forwarded messages. Beware forwarding a message with a thread deep down in the email that might have been sent to you in confidence.

6. Never assume privacy. Assume that your email will be read by others; after all you have no control over what happens to your email once you send it. So be courteous and respectful.

7. Take a breath. Never send an email in anger. If you receive an annoying email, never respond immediately. Put the email aside and reply when you are calmer. Consider always leaving those difficult emails until next day. You’ll be more rational.

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