A couple of IRD don’ts 31 Oct 2014

Here’s a couple of don’ts when dealing with IRD.

DON’T try to bend the rules. The boundaries might seem vague to you. We’re likely to have a better idea of what you can and can’t do, so consult us. For example, don’t try putting down a new pair of spectacles as a general expense of the business. Though you might think they are needed to work, the cost is personal. Similarly, if you’re employing staff and would prefer they were contractors, make sure IRD would agree with you. Ask us.

DON’T discuss your problems with IRD. The department is not bound by the advice its staff give. You might be dealing with an inexperienced person and get the wrong answer. It happens. IRD would say “If you get the wrong advice it’s your fault. We are not here to give tax advice. Relying on IRD advice can protect you from use of money interest, but if it is verbal you will not be able to prove what was said.

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