Keep the survey simple 31 Oct 2014

Surveys have reached epidemic proportions. They are generally excessively long.

Telephone surveyors usually underestimate the amount of your time they want. Email surveys go on and on, page after page.

Who wants to waste time answering all these questions when there are so many other things to do? If you want to conduct a survey, limit your questions to the minimum (and then halve that)!

Winston Marsh, a marketing specialist from Melbourne, recently commented on this subject in a Business Growth Centre email article. He suggests the following:

You need only one question. Would you be prepared to recommend us? If the answer is yes, then a few follow-up questions to find out about the main things which have appealed to the customer could be useful.  If the answer is NO, here is your opportunity to find out what you may be doing wrong.

He also commented on rewards. Don’t you get fed up with being told you are in a draw for a prize you’ll never win? Why not send the person you have questioned a discount voucher to be enjoyed at some future date?

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