Chocolates prove to be the right sweetener 31 Oct 2014

A South Island company sent a box of handmade chocolates as a thank you when they delivered an order.

The company makes furniture.

It's different from its competitors. It doesn’t only send the chocolate after it has delivered the goods, but it sends another box a year later and so on.

Is this a good idea? We think it's brilliant. Some people will include a present as part of their after-sales service, but whoever thought of repeating the present several times. This is what happened.

“We got a box of handmade chocolates from …,” the customer was saying to someone who also needed some furniture. “Come up and I’ll show what we bought.” she said. “You can go on the internet and see their full range.”

 The friend placed an order worth $5000!

When you've made a good sale, keep in touch with the customer.

You're looking for referrals.

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