Manage your time on the internet 05 Aug 2014

If you want to save valuable time on the internet:

  • Don’t send jokes by email. Your friends will soon get tired of sending them to you.
  • Keep your inbox empty. Anything you want to put aside for reading later can be transferred into a separate folder.
  • Add some senders to your junk mail list. There are certain pests who won’t action “unsubscribe” or will start emailing you again shortly afterwards. Flag them as junk email. Go to your junk email folder periodically and glance down the list to check no important emails have snuck through, then delete the lot.
  • Work on “unsubscribe”. Time invested in getting rid of unwelcome mail will save you more time in the long run.
  • Niceties are nice but not necessary. Some folk respond to emails without addressing it to the recipient. And they simply finish off with their name only.
  • Don’t type responses unnecessarily. Use a dictating machine and get this done for you.

Emails will usually save you time when compared with telephone calls. You don’t need to wait for the phone to be answered, you don’t have to leave messages and you don’t have the inquiries about the other person’s health when you send emails. An email also leaves a trail of correspondence you can refer to later.

  • Get used to using as few words as possible. Be concise.


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