Improve your ads for better results 16 May 2014

Many advertisements fail to get results. Improve your ads. Poor results from ads could be your fault.

  • If you make an offer, make it worth having. A cafe offers a free coffee from 3-4pm on Tuesdays with any meal purchased. Would you get excited by this offer?
    • Your offer is the most important part of the ad.    Buyers viewing your ad think “What’s in it for   me”? Make your offer stand out – big and bold.
    • Bigger ads get disproportionately better results. Small ads may be a waste of money.
    • Place your ad on a right hand page or negotiate this with your advertising media. Ads on right hand pages are noticed more than those on left hand pages.
    • Sell to satisfy wants not needs. We need healthy food but we like and want tasty food. Sell healthy food BUT make it tasty.
    • Advertising is only a part of marketing. How customers perceive your business is another part. This includes the people serving, telephone reception, your premises (lighting, shop window, location etc) and everything else about your business.


Before you spend a cent, make a plan for the year and price that plan. Leave a few marketing dollars for the unforeseen. If a special deal comes your way, assess it in the light of your plan.


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