Chronically short of time? 16 May 2014

Here are some suggestions if you never seem to have enough time to get things done:

  • Emails are a menace. Channel them through your secretary, if you have one. Don’t let people email you directly. If you don’t have a secretary, maybe you need a part-timer at least. The PA needs to learn from you what can be culled.
  • You need a portion of each day when no one can contact you, including staff. Use this time to focus on your most important work ONLY.
  • Start each day by planning your work. You may not need a complete list. A pile of files and notes you’ve made (in sequence) is a plan.
  • Make your notes as you think of them, even if it's in the middle of the night or while you're out getting your exercise. Take a pen and paper with you wherever you go.


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