When missing out creates opportunities 16 May 2014

What do you do if you've missed out on a contract?

Stu is a real estate agent. He tried so hard to sign Norm up when he was selling his house. His was the best presentation. However, he didn’t succeed.

When he found this out he wrote a very nice letter to Norm thanking him for being invited to tender this time and wishing him well with the sale of his house. Norm was so impressed he has told other people.

If Stu always does this (and you can bet he does), he’ll inevitably get more referrals than he would have done. Stu is a top salesman. Surprised?

Amy is a top-flight caterer. She was invited to quote for a wedding. She missed out.

When she was told she had been unsuccessful, she asked (very nicely) why. She wanted to know what she could do better next time. Then, and this is the key, she sent an email to the bride and groom a short while before the big day wishing them the best.

Will she be remembered and get referrals? What do you think?

If you lose out when you’ve quoted, see if you can learn from Stu and Amy. Don’t be sore about losing. Treat it as an opportunity to get more references.

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