Que? This time the waiter delighted the customers 16 May 2014

It reminded our two friends of a Fawlty Towers episode. They went to a restaurant and ordered rhubarb strudel.

However, the Italian waiter carefully recorded two roulades. “Rhubarb” and “roulade” sounded alike to him. When the roulades were served the guests explained this was not what they ordered.

To his credit, the waiter suggested they keep the roulades. “I will bring you your rhubarb strudels as well,” he said. The guests were impressed. The lesson: If you make a mistake, delight the customer, don’t merely put things right.

Staying with the restaurant theme, how often have you been engaged in an interesting conversation and the waiter or waitress has interrupted to ask if you have enjoyed your meal? The time to inquire is when the customer pays the bill, or better still, send an email next day requesting feedback (excuse the pun). This way you’re likely to get a more considered opinion. Don’t interrupt your customers – that’s just rude.

If you’re an unhappy customer, tell the staff when they ask you and give them a chance to respond. Don’t vent your spleen on the internet. That’s not fair, unless, of course, they won’t listen.

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