Another invoicing scam 19 Aug 2013

THERE’S a business operating out of the United States, but  based in Latvia. It issues invoices for re-registering patents and trademarks.

The person who told us this story said he received a hard copy invoice from an Auckland address which included email and phone number. He has a trademark which requires annual renewal and the payment of a significant fee. The invoice appeared genuine, so he paid it.

He said, “Had it arrived by email, I’d have been suspicious.”

In due course he discovered the scam and advised the police.  To his surprise, after two or three telephone calls he actually got his money back.  He believes informing the police was a major reason for this.

Be sure to check all invoices before you pay them. It’s easy to get caught when an invoice has the appearance of coming from a reputable source and it’s for an expense you expect to have to pay.

This one was for $1900 and the real fee was $700.


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