Business cards stored with app 19 Aug 2013

SEVERAL new apps for smartphones and other mobile devices are out there to make your business life easier.

Some are downright silly and a waste of time, but some are useful. One worth looking at is an app to convert business cards. You know what it’s like – a drawer full of business cards which get pulled out when you suddenly need a phone number or email address.

There are apps for all sorts of mobile devices, but for people with iPhones and other Apple iOS devices, there’s Card Munch. With this little app you can photograph the business card with your smartphone and the business networking company LinkedIn (who provide the app) convert the data to an electronic form. This is then added to your device’s electronic contacts. An Android app is in the pipeline.

CardMunch is apparently very accurate because real people do the processing. And it costs nothing, at least at the moment.

The advantages – other than not having to sift through physical cards when you’re looking for a contact – is that you can search inside the app; and you can add the card as a contact in LinkedIn.

It’s just another way of storing business cards so you have them available on the run.


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