Aim for triple-A in your business 19 Aug 2013

THE business formula for success can be summarised in three words, in the following order:

  • Available  ·   Affable  ·  Able

How many large businesses and those aspiring to be large do you know which have forgotten the three As? Many of them have just one A: Arrogant.

Small businesses can’t afford to be arrogant, though a few of them think they can.


Make it easy for customers to contact you. If it’s impractical to get someone to talk to them when they ring, ask them to leave a message and tell them you’ll call them back within … hours. Then make sure you do ring them back. You might consider using the services of a message-taking company if you get a lot of calls – it could be worth the cost.


I know a receptionist who’s so good at her job, it feels like she’s smiling at you down the phone line. She never has a bad hair day. She’s so good customers comment on it.


This is last on the list because it’s the least important. The first two help you to get your customer. This word is “able” – not outstanding. It’s not so much about being good at what you do, but more about the perception of being good.


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