The roofer impresses with after-sales service 19 Aug 2013

I WAS out getting my morning exercise when I met a fellow exerciser.

We stopped for a chat and she told me she had recently had part of her roof replaced. She was very impressed with the roofer.

Why? Six weeks after he had done the job he called at her house to ask her if the roof was OK. This small after-sales service can have a big effect on a customer, as it did in this case. The woman was incredibly impressed and is telling others.

Why don’t business owners do this more often? Sometimes it’s because they’re afraid the customer will find a reason to complain. The answer, then, is to ensure you do the job so well they have no reason to complain. You should always be confident in your product or service.

We suggest you start doing something like the roofer now.

Business is difficult. Get a reputation for caring about your customers and referrals will flow that much easier. A card or email once a year on the anniversary of the job would reinforce your marketing. It would help ensure you’re not forgotten.

You might not necessarily get this customer back, but you do want to promote referrals.


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