Five steps to ‘engaging’ website visitors 19 Aug 2013

ON 28 October 2012, Monte Hubesch published a “5 step video process to ‘engage’ website visitors”. 

If you’re considering updating your website, have a look at

If this doesn’t work just Google “monte hubesch on website design” as we did.

Why should you watch this Youtube presentation?

  • Firstly, because Monte points out the importance of having a Youtube presentation on your home page.
  • Secondly, he tells you the five steps to get the best result from your video. He tells you how to drag in the customers.
  • Thirdly, he tells you to do it yourself. Home-made is best. You can even take the pictures on your cell phone.


If you really think you should leave this to a professional, look at the video, anyway. You’ll be better placed to tell the professional just what you want.

Monte Hubesch is CEO of Aussieweb Local Search, in Brisbane.

When designing your website, consider the following:

  • Who are you trying to attract?
  • How can you capture the visitor’s email address?
  • Design your website with the customer in mind, not yourself. Don’t talk about what you can offer. Talk about finding solutions for the customer’s problems.
  • Who cares about your firm? No one except you and maybe your mother. Why should they?  “About us” is only of use to increase your credibility. It does not need to be prominent.
  • As in all marketing, references are invaluable. Put them into your website.

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