Using social media for business 27 Mar 2013

We think the following letter from a journalist might help you to decide.

“It's becoming increasingly important for businesses and organisations to use social media, but for us in the Baby Boomer-plus bracket, it's often too daunting (and time-consuming).

“For Linked In and any of the other multitude of people-connection media, it's a matter of whether you use it to build your audience and keep connected digitally to people and colleagues, or whether it becomes a nuisance. I often get requests from people to join such sites, and there's got to be a limit. In the end, everyone in business has to decide where they put their time. To operate an effective Facebook page, for example, takes about an hour a day. Do we all have someone free to do that, or do we have the time ourselves? Most of us in our age group still believe business is about exemplary service, face-to-face contact and 'doing the work'.”


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