Build business with a database 27 Mar 2013

If you have ever wondered about the wisdom of building a database, consider this story.

A young professional has built up a database of 6000 email addresses. He sends regular newsletters to all of them. Occasionally he presents seminars. His last seminar drew 80-90 people.

You can also build a database. Invite every customer, potential customer and any other contact to be on your mailing list. Don’t overlook suppliers because they might give you references.

If you are going to send out newsletters, make sure they are interesting and have some value to the reader. Many newsletters are a yawn. We trust ours is not one of these.

Some useful newsletter rules to follow are:

  • Send them regularly and consistently. When you feel like it, is not good enough.
  • Make each article of value to the reader.
  • Use colloquialisms. Using “you” and “your” is fine.
  • Make the articles easy to read. Bullet points, short words and short sentences help.


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