Take a break and let ideas flow 27 Mar 2013

PERHAPS the best way to get some new ideas for your business is to apply some of the Edward De Bono thinking techniques.

However, another easy way of doing it is to take a holiday. Make sure it lasts at least two weeks, preferably more.

If you spend the first week winding down, the second week will be more relaxing. Your subconscious brain will, however, keep working and without your trying, hopefully, new ideas will pop into your head. Don’t let them get away. Capture them on paper, immediately and that means NOW.

You’re having dinner at a restaurant, someone says something and it stimulates an idea for you. Write it down before you forget – don’t rely on your memory to recapture the thought later.

Armed with new ideas you can go back to work and start implementing them. Your staff (if you have any) will probably feel more comfortable doing what they’ve always done (and getting the results they’ve always got) rather than making changes.

You can help by  including 

them in the process.

A client went to work with a bright idea, but asked his staff for their ideas first.

“I had to confess, Anne came up with a better one. I dumped mine and we ran with hers.”


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