No time for sour grapes with failed contract bids 14 Sep 2012

 HERE’S a story from one of our clients.

“I was selling my house and invited four real estate agents, from different firms, to tell me how they would go about getting me a buyer.  Two were quickly eliminated but it was hard to choose between the last ones.  I chose A and sent a dear John letter to B.

“The next day I received a long email from B.  He thanked me for my time; then he discussed a couple of issues which had been worrying me, and wished me well.  My reaction?  If I meet anyone looking for a real estate agent his name will come to the top.”

If you are unsuccessful, don’t show resentment.  It is not nice to have to tell someone they are not going to get a contract worth a lot of money to them.  Be gracious in defeat and make the most out of it. If the arrangement the customer has made falls over, you could get the job after all. Whatever happens, you might so impress the customer that she turns into an advocate for you, as happened in this case. 

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