Letters to the editor 13 Feb 2012
READERS sent us the following letters after our last newsletter. They add interesting information about the topics we covered.
I personally refer people to the Charities Commission website to register at:
You can search here for any charity by name. If it’s there, you will get:
  1. its registration number (which is what IRD wants for the donation deduction – it should be on the receipt but sometimes with small and voluntary bodies it’s missing); and
  2. you can download a PDF of their latest accounts and see what the charity is actually doing with your money (can be interesting)!
If it’s a registered charity, IRD will allow the claim.
I was recently in a café up north which, like the one you describe, had a cabinet with very few sandwiches in it, but it also had a sign. I can’t recall the exact words now but they were to the effect that
  1. the ones in the cabinet were for those in a hurry;
  2. they prefer to make your sandwiches to order to give you exactly what you want;
  3. they would do it within X minutes (two, I think) of your order or it would be free.
They seemed to be doing OK.

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