Make a will and save others extra grief 21 May 2012

FROM time to time we hear a sad tale about someone who has died and failed to make a will.

If there is no will, the Administration Act 1969 takes over and the result can be most unsatisfactory. Often people delay making a decision because they have a difficult situation to resolve and cannot find a solution. What should they do?

It will cost you, but the sensible thing to do is to sort it out with a qualified, independent third person such as your solicitor. You never know. Perhaps a family trust would work.

You don’t have to leave your possessions and assets directly to a person. An entity such as a trust can sometimes be a good solution.

Don’t procrastinate over making your will. You can always change it. If you are going to remarry or enter a de facto relationship, renew your will because your old will is revoked on starting the new relationship.

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