Be cheeky and seek out the best 11 Nov 2020

One piece of business advice might be the only one you need.

It’s this: Get cheeky and ask a smart, successful person for help.

Most people who have succeeded in business are happy to help someone genuinely seeking advice. In fact, they sometimes wonder why no one will talk to them. They’re a bit like the best-looking ones at the dance who seem too good to be true, so no one asks them to dance.

We know of one local retired businessman who built a multimillion-dollar business with offices on every continent. Being semi-retired, he now helps all sorts of businesses to get where they want to be, or just get out of difficulty.

And the best part of it – he doesn’t charge for his time. He loves the collaboration, but if someone doesn’t want to take his advice, he’s happy to walk away.

“It’s their business, so it’s their decision,” he says. “I might not agree and I’ll argue my case, but if they decide to do something else, that’s fine.

“Because I don’t charge, there’s no obligation on either of us.”

If you do your homework, you’ll know who’s been successful in your line of business. Seek out the best and ring them, or make an appointment to see them. It’s never difficult to find well-know people. Be creative.They might be retired and spending most of the time in the garden, but they’ll have plenty of expertise and experience just waiting for someone to tap into. In fact, they might just be flattered that you have thought of them.

If you do get that phone call or appointment, be prepared. Be specific. What is your particular issue – starting in business, difficulty building the business, wanting to get out of the business . . .? What do you want from them? If they are good enough to give you their time, show you are prepared and won’t waste the opportunity.

You never know, you might just build a strong business and personal relationship that benefits you both.

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