Don’t let your fish off the hook 11 Nov 2020

The lifeblood of businesses is sales. Every extra dollar you make after you have paid for the running costs of the business is profit.

A retailer who normally adds a 50 percent profit margin gets nothing for herself until she has paid the rent and other running costs. Once that has happened a $100 sale is $33 in her pocket (before Mrs Tax has taken her share). The vital component of a business is sales.

Someone rings you to buy something. The fish is on the hook just waiting to be landed.

“You can order that on our website,” says your telephone receptionist. Your fish has just been let go and money has just been taken out of your pocket.

Now look at it from the point of view of the fish. It has been freed. There are lots more morsels to eat so this fish lifts the phone and rings one of your competitors, who obligingly supplies the goods with a minimum of hassle.

Many websites are poorly designed and waste the customer’s time. They are best avoided.It’s all about saving time. If a telephone call is going to get the job done more quickly, then that’s the way to go. That’s why your fish rang you in the first place.

Never tell a customer you’re not going to serve them personally by referring them to your website.

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