Business cards with impact 16 Jul 2020

You know you should never go anywhere without business cards, but are they having the impact you want?

What’s on your business card? The basics are your name, your role (managing director, sales manager etc) and contact details. Contact details should include a landline (if you have one), cellphone, email and website. If you’re busy on social media, include your page details, hashtags etc.

Make sure you use your company colours and logo. Don’t pick your logo off your website – it probably won’t be crisp enough. Get it from your designer or use the original artwork.

Use the back of the card for a list of the services your company offers.

Then hand them out as often as possible. Hand out extra cards and ask if they can be passed on to someone they know who might use your services. Asking for a card is a sure way of being able to politely offer your own.

One of the world's best car salesmen has been known to fling a whole lot of cards in the air when something exciting happens in the stadium. Apparently this works for him otherwise he wouldn't do it.

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