Can the spam with a new email address 20 Feb 2019

Whenever you sign up to a subscription service or buy something online, it’s likely you’ll be put on a mailing list – whether you like it or not.

Sometimes, your email address will be given to third parties, such as advertisers and marketing agencies. After a while, you’ll be getting invitations, “special” offers and plenty of ways to enhance your life or your body.

If you want to ensure you don’t receive any more (it won’t stop what you already have), one effective way is to create an email account secondary to your main account.

Your main email address will be the one you use for work or to communicate with friends and family. Set up another email address and use it for web activities such as online shopping, booking a hotel or subscribing to a news site.

The second email address won't stop spam from arriving, but those unwanted messages will appear in your secondary email account, rather than your primary one. After a while, you’ll probably ignore it completely.

The beauty of this is it will keep your main inbox free from clutter.

Email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook can be used to set up a decoy account for free, following the same process you used to establish your original account.

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