BRIEFLY 20 Feb 2019

Don’t become a dependent business

A dependent business is one which relies on one or a few other businesses to remain viable. Trade cycles are such that buoyant times are followed by high unemployment, business failure and a reduction in demand for goods and services. It is at these times dependent businesses can go to the wall. As a rough guide, make sure no more than 20% of your income is dependent on one source.

Savings accounts

In the good old days, depending upon your point of view, when interest rates were a lot higher, it paid to transfer money out of a business current account into a savings account. These days, savings accounts offer such abysmal interest, one has to wonder whether keeping them open is worth the hassle. They involve extra accounting and may now be uneconomical to run. It might be time to close them.

The quick snail mail

A telco customer was overcharged. Fearing a long wait on the telephone for a company with a poor reputation for customer service, he sent them a letter because he couldn’t find their email address! Some time later he received a call to resolve the problem. It all ended happily ever after and the total investment in time was only a few minutes. Snail mail could be a quick option when dealing with large organisations who don’t care about how much time you have to wait on the line for them and won’t give you an email address.  

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