Train your email filter to block unwanted messages 15 Nov 2018

Here’s a useful tip to reduce the number of spam emails you receive.

Train your filter. You’ll most likely have a ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ email folder. This is where your email client puts filtered messages it thinks are spam.

However, a message from someone you’ve never corresponded with before will also most likely end up there, because the filters think it’s spam. So you need to check this folder regularly.

While you’re there, train the filters by letting them know when they worked or made a mistake. This helps to improve their performance.

For example, when you open a Gmail message, you'll see a ‘Report Spam’ button (it looks like an exclamation mark) at the top of the page. Click this when you see a message that managed to sneak past Google's spam filters.

But if you find an email you want, open it and click the ‘Not Spam’ button.

In Outlook, mark a message as spam by right-clicking it in your inbox and choosing Junk, then Block Sender, from the menu that pops up. When you're browsing the Junk Email folder, restore a flagged message to your inbox by right-clicking it and choosing Junk, then Not Junk.

If you want to set your own level of spam filter aggression, visit the Home tab of the ribbon menu, click Junk, and select Junk Email Options.

Most email clients include options such as these. Look at the settings or review the buttons that appear on the page.

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