Marketing is an ongoing process 19 Feb 2018

Now is an excellent time to prepare your plans for the coming financial year. Your marketing plan should usually be your first consideration.

  • Can you sell more to your existing customers? Maybe all you have to do is a little staff training. Everyone should ask the classic upselling question: “Will you have fries with that?”
  • Your existing customers are often a good source of new customers. An electrician who has a reputation for excellent work (and substantial prices), sends a notepad and business card with his invoices. Notepads are a great way of constantly reminding your customers you are around. They are too substantial and useful to throw away, unlike most other advertising material.
  • Involve as many people as you can in thinking about how you can go about your marketing. If yours is a small business, look for low-cost and no-cost ways to get more customers. Try looking up guerrilla marketing on the internet.
  • Marketing is not a one-off exercise. If you put flyers in people’s letterboxes, for example, you are not going to get much of a response if you do it just once. Repetition increases your chance enormously of converting a prospect to a customer. Real estate agents are good at this.

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