The importance of backups 15 Aug 2017

Tim, who works from home, spent all day working on a document. In the late afternoon he and his wife went out for a walk. When he came home the document was no longer visible on his computer.

He called in some technical assistance and after trying everything to recover the typing, it could not be found. Something had wiped it off the screen. There did not seem to have been a power surge. In any event the computer is protected by an uninterrupted power supply. It just happened.

If you're working for some time on a document, press the save button regularly or you might regret it, too.

Fortunately, Tim did at least have a daily backup which, while it did not recover the work done for the day in question, it did get him back to where he was at the beginning of the day. Two hours later he had reconstructed the work for the previous day.

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