The brilliance of F1 20 Jun 2017

Go for the shortcuts - F1 is brilliant. Do you dream of being able to get much more out of your computer? Do you believe really getting to grips with a computer is for geeks and eight-year-olds? The good news is you will learn a huge amount by just pressing F1 on your computer keyboard.

Do you get frustrated with the wrong font coming up every time you want to type something? Go to F1 and you’ll find the answer. Press the button and you will see “change or set the default font”. You will then be directed on how to do this, but in typical computer fashion they’ll forget to tell you where to find “set as default”. There is a tiny arrow pointing downwards in the bottom right hand corner. You will need to click on that.

Have you ever wondered how you could leave a trail of the changes you have made to a document? F1 is your answer. There is a whole load of information in F1. It is worth your while browsing it.

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