Try a password manager 20 Jun 2017

If you're not lucky enough to have a photographic memory, keeping track of passwords can be a nightmare.

Every time we want to enter a subscription website or do internet banking, we need a password to verify we are who we say we are. Some of us write passwords in a book or in a text document on our desktop, others just use the same one everywhere because they can't remember passwords for every site. Neither method is safe.

The answer could be a password app. There are many now available to download, and some are even free. These apps manage passwords as a browser plug-in. You need to remember only one master password – the one that opens the app.

Most products include a built-in password generator for the secure sites you want to visit, which means you don't have to wrack your brain thinking up a password. These passwords are at least 16 characters long, usually too long for you to remember.

The apps are not for everyone. Some users are wary of any cloud-based program that might be able to access your password. However, the app hosts say their encryption means even they have no idea what your password might be.

In the end, it's your choice. Do the research by looking up 'password managers' in Google.

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