Never make judgements about potential customers 20 Jun 2017

Carl and Carole were buying a new kitchen. They needed new appliances so they went to one of the large retail stores.

While they were talking to the salesman, he was called over by his manager. The couple only found out why later.

In due course the salesman pulled off a pretty useful sale, but then confided in them what had happened. He said the manager had told him not to waste time on them because the manager considered them tyre-kickers. This was in spite of the store being relatively empty.

Another couple, Barry and Betty, had a similar experience when buying a car. They sent a list of questions to a dealer in new cars and instead of getting the answers they needed, they were supplied with three or four paragraphs of standard car information.

The couple like driving cars but didn’t want to know how they’re made and other technical details.

They found it very hard to interpret what they received and decided to send a letter of thanks to the company but stating they were no longer going to buy a car. About a month later, they still had not found the car they wanted so they made further enquiries at the dealership.

While out walking, they received a cell phone call from the manager. He wanted to know whether they were really serious.

In due course they bought the most expensive new car in the dealer’s fleet.

These are both true stories although the names have been changed.

Our message is, never prejudge your potential customers by their looks or their actions, and never assume they’re not going to buy from you.

Many people who look like hoboes are quite rich. They don't have to dress up to be a big spender.

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