BRIEFLY 28 Feb 2017

Tax deductions on food and drink

Inland Revenue has informed us it considers the supply of all food and drink, whether in the course of entertainment or not, is tax deductible only to the extent of 50%. Thus, under this new interpretation, if you give your client a bottle of wine or a food hamper you can no longer treat this as a fully tax deductible cost. If you want a 100% deduction, think of something different such as a bunch of flowers or something else which cannot be consumed.


Inland Revenue is concerned because some charities do more than just carry out their charitable works. They run businesses. The department has no trouble letting the charity off paying Fringe Benefit Tax when an employee gets a benefit such as a car. It is concerned when the employee is not actually working for the charity so much as working for a business run by the charity. In future, there is to be an apportionment between mileage used for the charity and mileage used for the business. The business arm is to pay FBT. This change to the law has not yet occurred.

Body corporates

A lawyer’s newsletter has drawn our attention to the personal liability of committee members of body corporates registered under the Unit Titles Act 2010. If you are asked to serve on one of these committees, we suggest you require the body corporate to take out insurance to cover your risk.

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