Go for the shortcuts 29 Nov 2016

Go for the shortcuts 


IT’S true – most of us only scratch the surface of what's possible when we use our computers.

Underlying all the usual stuff we do daily, are a multitude of smart tricks that can make life easier, improve productivity and ease the pain of OOS.

For the next few newsletters, we’re going to give you a few 1-Click shortcuts to help avoid the laborious use of the mouse and having to click several times. Do try these shortcuts and get in the habit of using them regularly. It’ll save you time. These suggestions are for PCs only. Also, they may not work in older versions of Windows.

If you press the function key, F9, at the top of your keyboard, it will automatically magnify the document you are looking at. Press it again to return to normal size.

If you’re looking for a keyword, you can find it by holding down the control key and pressing F. You then type in the word you are looking for. Each time you press “enter”, the cursor will take you to the next place where this word appears in the document. Press the function key F2 and you will find this is a shortcut for renaming a selected item. 

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